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Tour Photos

10, July 2009

Images from the 10th Mountain Tour
Photos by Sue Rancis, Chris Lennon, Frank Barrett & Marv Ross

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Estes Tour


Golf Tournament

9, July 2009

Porsche Parade Golf Results and Photos

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Net Score
First Place - Kerry Biddle, Rob Biddle, Doug Monaco, Henry Spunar
Second Place - Betsy Wadman, Patrick Wadman, Thomas Steffens

Gross Score
First Place - Betsy Wadman, Patrick Wadman, Thomas Steffens
Second Place - Kim Burger, Kurt Halvorson, Stephen Hintze

Closest To The Pin
Women - Gail Griffin
Men - Henry Spunar

Long Drive
Women - Betsy Wadman
Men - Doug Monaco


5k Results

8, July 2009

5k Results and photos

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1st place – Derek Alban with a time of 22:06
2nd place – Duane Bentley
3rd place – Ken Boggs

1st place – Nancy Gray with a time of 25:20
2nd place – Catherine Speights
3rd place – Lisa Schreiber


R/C Car Results

8, July 2009

R/C Car Results

RCCars Adult Results

RCCars Kids Results

RCCars Teen Results


Tech Quiz Results

8, July 2009

Tech Quiz Results

Download the TSD Results here

View all results (PDF)
View just the top scores (PDF)
Results and scores (PDF)



3, July 2009

Autocross Images and Results
Photos by Frank Barrett, Michael Madrid, & Marv Ross

Set 1
Set 2

View the Autocross Results here

Download Trophy List (PDF)

Download the "Your Porsche was born to autocross presentation" (PDF)



3, July 2009

Images and Results from the Porsche Parade Concour
Photos by Frank Barrett, Robert Birney, Michael Madrid, George Mc Donald, & Marv Ross

Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Set 4

View awards list (PDF)


TSD Rally

3, July 2009

Images and links about the TSD Rally
Photos by Frank Barrett

Set 1

Download the TSD Results here Excel File  |  Adobe PDF

Article about TSD from Porsche

Download Trophy List (PDF)


Volunteer Photos

1, July 2009

The Porsche Parade 2009 is now in full swing. We will be posting pictures and news articles as they become available. Here is a link to some photos of our volunteers without we could not have made this event possible.

Click here to see photos

Photographer Tamela Cash

54th Porsche Parade

29, June 2009

The 2009 Regional Parade Committee the National Parade Committee and the Executive Council for the Porsche Club of America want to welcomes you to the 2009 Porsche Parade.

2009 Parade Committee




Parade Overview



TSD Rally


Technical & Historical Quiz


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