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If you plan to run the TSD Rally at the 2009 Porsche Parade, you are in for a real treat. We have twisty roads and spectacular scenery at every turn. We will keep the route instructions simple enough that you can enjoy the scenery, while keeping you awake with interesting route situations and checkpoint locations. The route has been laid out by Lee Sammons, who, if you are an old-timer may recall, was rallymaster for the Aspen and Colorado Springs parades in the past.

Whether you are an experienced rallyist or this is your first outing, you are sure to have a good time, learn a few things, and still be on speaking terms with your rally partner at the end. Just remember a few key steps in preparation. There are three documents that will guide the conduct of the TSD Rally. The first is the Parade Competition Rules (PCRs), which lay out basic parameters for both the rallymaster and the contestants. You should read the rally section (R-1 through R-11) and the abbreviations and definitions (Appendix VII) long before the event. Pay particular attention to the criteria for the various classes. The second is the General Instructions. These refine the PCRs for situations unique to the 2009 Parade Rally and provide rules for how to get through the course and apply the route instructions. The third is the Route Instructions themselves. These will be specific step-by-step directions for following the course and staying on time during the rally. These will be given to you shortly before your assigned out-time on the day of the event.

A couple of additional tips that might help: First. organize or attend a TSD, or even a gimmick, rally back home in your own region that uses the PCRs and the 2009 General Instructions as the rules-of-the road so you can get familiar with them, and perhaps identify questions you would like to ask the rallymaster prior to the Parade. (The parade materials will specify how and when questions may be asked.)

Second, be sure to attend the Rally Schools we will have at the Parade the day before the event. Past Parade Rally winner Tom Gould and his rally-seasoned daughter Lisa will host advanced and beginner classes respectively, but both sessions will be in the same room, one after the other, so we encourage all to attend both.

Registration details will be provided later, but remember any driver and any navigator can compete in any Porsche as long as all are registered Parade entrants. And if you (or your co-entrant) don’t want to compete in the TSD rally, please volunteer to work a checkpoint—you will still get to see the great roads and scenery on your way out there and back.

Please contact if you have any questions

See you in Keystone!

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