Pre-Parade Info for Registrants (PDF)

2009 Porsche Parade Technical & Historical Quiz

Technical & Historical Quiz
Friday, July 3, 2009
Conference Center
Longs Peak Foyer and Ballroom
• 8:00 AM - Check in
• Quiz begins - 8:30 AM

The tech quiz will be a written test of your knowledge of general, mechanical and historic aspects of the Porsche model line. There will be 50 general questions that will be the same for all participants. There will be an additional 25 questions for specific model ranges from which you will choose which model range you want to take. In addition there will be seven tiebreaker questions for everyone that will NOT count in your score, but will only be used to settle tie scores, if such occur.

The questions will be multiple choice and true/false, and will have been reviewed by the technical committee for accuracy. The allowed time period will be 1-½ hours.

You must report to the Longs Peak Foyer by 7:30 AM for Check-in. This is ½ hour before the 8:00 AM scheduled start time. You will pick up your test booklet and then be seated. No one will be admitted to the Longs Peak Ballroom after 8:00 AM, which is when the test starts. Every one will begin the test at the same time.

The sources used are:
• Various Up-Fixen
• Excellence Was Expected Karl Ludvigsen Vols. One thru three
• Porsche Boxster John Lamm
• Porsche 914-4 914-6 Brian Long
• 914-4 914-6 Factory Shop Manual
• 911 Factory Shop Manual 1st Edition
• 356B Factory Shop Manual
• Porsche 911 Forever Young Tobias Aichele
• Porsche 911 Engine History Tobias Aichele
• Porsche 911 The Complete Story David Vivian
• Original Porsche911 Peter Morgan
• Porsche 911 Red Book Patrick Paternie
• Road & Track March 1965
• Road & Track January 1969
• Motor road test June 1969
• 911 1986 Product Knowledge Work Book
• 2008 Cayenne Owners Manual
• Various Owners Manuals




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