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Driving Tours

Colorado roads are legendary. We have some of the twistiest, highest, and most dramatic roads in the world, with backdrops to match. Perfect for a fun drive with your Porsche friends. These roads were made for our great handling cars. Alpine Mountain Region and Rocky Mountain Region have a reputation for putting on some of the best tours in all of PCA, and we plan to give you a sampling of what we do every year, traditionally drawing PCAers from all over North America to our tours.

We plan to offer an array of tours during the 2009 Parade unlike any ever seen at previous Parades. This will include a full slate of guided tours, the instructions for which will be available to attendees in Hospitality the day after each is held, for those who wish to run the guided tour routes at other times as self-guided tours. This will satisfy both those who like to drive with other Porsches, and those who like to take tours at a time of their choosing, and at their own pace.

Half-Day (or less) Tours – self-guided only
Georgetown Railroad Tour
Gamblers’ Tour

Full-Day Tours – guided (also available as self-guided) - Guided Tours Sold Out
10th Mountain Division Tour
Buena Vista Tour
Glenwood, Aspen, Leadville Tour
Rocky Mountain National Park Tour

Tentative Schedule for Guided Tours
• Monday, June 29th, 1pm – 10th Mountain Division Tour (shorter guided tour for registration day) - RETURN 4:30pm
• Tuesday, June 30th, any time– self-guided tours only (to not conflict with Concours)
• Wednesday, July 1st, 10:30am – Buena Vista Tour (alternative to Rally and Golf) - RETURN 4:00pm
• Thursday, July 2nd, 8:30am – Glenwood, Aspen, Leadville Tour (alternative to Auto-x) - RETURN 4:30pm
• Saturday, July 4th, 8:30am – Rocky Mountain National Park Tour (grand finale tour) - RETURN 4:30pm

Attention Garmin GPS Users: Download Colorado Points of Interest that you can put on your GPS using POI Loader (free from Garmin):
Colorado's 14,000+ ft Peaks
Colorado Historical Military Sites
Offbeat Tourist Attractions for Colorado
Porsche Dealers

5K Fun Run/Walk
July 4th, 8:30 AM Start

Start off your 4th of July Celebration by joining fellow PCA members in a mountain air 5K fun run or walk at the 2009 Parade.

This beautiful course starts off from the Keystone Lakeside Village and winds through pine forests, along the Snake River and finishes up at scenic Keystone Lake. The 3.1 mile course is on a paved running path away from traffic and is mostly flat.

Prizes will be awarded by gender, age group, and PCA region.

Take home a free event logo running hat and a goodie bag for your efforts.

Bring the whole family out for the morning, and run or walk in the Colorado Mountains at the 2009 Parade.

Parade 2009 Golf Tournament

The Parade 2009 Golf Tournament will reinstate a longstanding Parade tradition of hosting a spectacular golf tournament. In past years, this has been a very popular event for Parade attendees, including none other than Peter Porsche himself (an avid golfer)!

Want to hit it as far as Tiger (the ball goes about 20% farther up here)? Want to play golf in a truly spectacular mountain setting? Plan to tee it up with us at the spectacular high-altitude mountain venue!

The site of the 2009 Parade Golf Tournament will be a truly memorable one. The Keystone River Course. The course has won many major awards. It is also one of the most dramatic in the country, with several tee to green drops of 50+ feet, including the amazing 16th, with a 194 foot drop, and an 18th hole featuring no less than 12 bunkers! You have to see this course to believe it.

This is a round of golf you won't soon forget. A world class course, a perfect setting, and Porsche friends. It doesn't get any better than that! To make the tournament fun and approachable for participants of all abilities, it will be held in a scramble format, with trophies awarded at the conclusion of the round. This is sure to be a popular Parade event, so plan on signing up!

2009 Parade Gimmick Rally
A Cleverlike Pic-Tour Rally*

Our rally takes you through ski towns, mining towns and some of the most beautiful scenery that our wonderful state of Colorado has to offer and includes part of the 82-mile “Top of the Rockies” Roadway. This year’s Parade Gimmick Rally differs slightly from past formats in that it is shorter and only mildly competitive. We plan to have prizes for the most observant and lucky entrants.

The rally has been designed to fit YOUR schedule. You may run it either Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. It is a self starting and you can begin anytime during the day and start from anyplace within Keystone Resort.

There will be two versions of the Gimmick Rally (one short, one longer). If you wish, you may also stop along the route for shopping, eating or whatever. Notes on some historical places you pass will be provided. Actual driving time (without stops) should be about 2.5-3.5 hours depending which version you take and of course will be longer if you include stops.

Rallyists will be given a set of Route Instructions that CLEARLY provide the way to go with no tricks or traps intended. You will be asked to identify where photos of objects, landmarks, signs etc. were taken on the route. There will be twelve, out of order, color photos and the point where they were taken must be determined by indicating what Route Instruction they come after. Because this is intended to be a low key event, no tire warm-up, no odometer check and no calculations will be necessary. All photos can be easily identified on the fly. There will be some harder to find ones and some questions to be answered, but it is anticipated that greater than 50% of the cars will be observant enough to answer the questions and get all the valid photos at the correct location.

This brings up the “lucky” part. Each car number in this aforementioned “all correct” group will be allowed to participate in a drawing for prizes scheduled for afternoon on Saturday. Therefore, even the better competitors must also rely on luck to take home a prize.

The Gimmick Rally is also open to non-Porsches to allow those attendees who have chosen not to drive to the Parade or wish to use their tow vehicle rather than their race car so they may be able to enjoy additional events.

So, sign up during registration and get out and enjoy the driving, take in some nice scenery. There is just enough competitiveness to keep things interesting but the frustration level low.

Chair: Jim Sorensen (719) 488-3373

* After John Clever, PCA rallyist and rallymaster extraordinaire, Diablo Region

Parade Keystone Art Show
Event Information

All artists, crafters, and Porsche aficionados are invited to participate in the Art Show at the Keystone Parade. The following competition categories will be open to adults, amateur or professional:

  • Illustration
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Fiber Arts
  • Jewelry
  • Crafts

Please note that the categories are subject to change depending on the numbers and types of entrants.

The entries of children ages 15 and under will be displayed and judged as a group.

Qualified judges will select winners in various categories and for the Best of Show award. A People’s Choice trophy will be awarded to the entrant selected by PCA members attending the Art Show.

If you plan on entering the Art Show, you must return the separate Art Show Entry Form. This two-page form should be mailed by May 1st 2009 to:
Dona Sorensen, Art Show Chair; 17990 Sawmill Rd. Colorado Springs, CO 80908

Click HERE to download and print out the Art Show Entry Form


  1. Entrants must be current PCA members, affiliates or family members, but do not have to be Parade registrants.
  2. All artwork must have express Porsche content, otherwise it will be disqualified. Each artist may enter up to two (2) pieces in each category. If you have multiple entries, please duplicate the entry form.
  3. Artists must correctly classify themselves as amateur or professional (having sold or offered for sale their artwork within the past year). The children’s category is open to ages 15 and under. Improper classification will risk disqualification.
  4. Entries must be handcrafted (no kits) properly framed, mounted or otherwise prepared for display and signed by the artist named on the entry.
  5. Entries must include an informal label containing the artist’s name, title of piece, medium, and price in U.S. dollars if the piece is for sale.
  6. Artwork that has previously won at a Porsche Parade Art Show is not eligible for entry.
  7. Artwork may be sold through the show, with a 20% commission going to PCA. All sales are final.
  8. Entries will be hand delivered to the show and picked up by the entrant at the close of the show.
  9. Security will be provided during the show, but the Parade Committee and PCA accept no responsibility for loss or damage and no insurance is provided.
  10. The Art Show committee will have final determination on the interpretation of the rules pertaining to this event and reserves the right to reject or disqualify any entry that does not comply with these rules.
  11. It is anticipated that artwork will be displayed and judged in the categories listed below. However, the Art Show Committee may revise categories at the time of the show depending upon the actual entries.

Photo Gallery

Everyone has taken a picture of the very first Porsche—whether it was a long time ago as a 356 or recently as a new 911 or ??. All entrants are invited to provide a photograph of their first Porsche. It can be just a simple snapshot, an 8 x 10 glossy, or one that has been printed on a computer. It doesn’t matter. Please do not frame your photo. All photographs will be displayed bulletin board style. Let’s see how many photos we can get!

Art Show Entry Turn In

Artwork must be turned in Monday, June 29 (10 AM – 6 PM) or Tues, June 30th until 2 PM.

Dona Sorensen
17990 Sawmill Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO, 80908

If you have any questions or comments please contact Dona at:
jimdonaso@msn.com or (719) 488-3373

2009 Porsche Parade Technical Seminars

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009  (All in Torreys Peak I – II)
1:30PM – 2:30PM  Preservation, the Low Cost Way to Enjoy Your Porsche
  John Paterek, National Tech Committee

Topics include paint, trim, chrome, upholstery and engine sheet mental. Preservation class discourages over cleaning and disturbance of an older Porsche’s patina.
2:45PM – 3:45PM   Tire Panel
  Bridgestone, Continental, Michelin, Pirelli, Toyo
4:00PM – 5:00PM   Dispelling the Myths about Mobil 1 and Synthetic Oils
  Roger Hood, Mobil 1 Motorsports Engineer

The talk will cover what an engine oil is, how it is made, what synthetics are, how they are different from conventional oils, and clear up some of the myths about Mobil 1. We will also talk about the long history of Mobil 1, racing and the relationship with Porsche.

Friday, July 3, 2009
11:00AM – 12:00PM  911 Lightweights: R, ST, RS, RSR. SCRS and C4 
  Johan Dirickx
Torreys Pk I

I will talk about some lightweight 911’s starting with the rather unknown SCRS (1984).  Then going  back in time to the grandmother of the lightweight 911’s, the 911 R of 1967.  Then, coming back to  the 964 C4 lightweight of 1991, granddaughter of the 911 R. In between  I will point to similarities and differences between the lightweight cars (the ST’s, 1973 RSR and the 1974 RSR). The aim is to  give a visual overview of the “Porsche way” of making race cars out of street machines and the other way around.

11:00AM – 12:00PM  Repairing Your Porsche – Professional or DIY
  Chris Powell, National Tech Committee
Torreys Pk II
11:00AM – 12:00PM  New Technologies Incorporated into the
  latest Porsche Production Models
  Paul Gagliardi, Field Technical Manager, PCNA
Topics such as: Engine innovations, body engineering and safety, some preliminary Panamera information, hybrid technology and highlights of the new GT3.
12:15PM – 1:15PM   4 Cylinder Water Cooled Q & A Session
  Bill Burris, George Beuselinck, National Tech Committee
Torreys Pk I

Topics such as Maintenance Intervals, DME Troubleshooting, Air Conditioning Conversions, Power  Sunroof ... and More covered.

12:15PM – 1:15PM  Buying a Used Cayenne and New Boxster Changes
  Peter Smith, National Tech Committee, Chair
Torreys Pk II
12:15PM – 1:15PM  Mental Strategies in High Performance Driving
  Ronn Langford, Driver Coach and Engineer
The seminar will be a quick look at how to (literally) engineer the function of the brain and body to achieve maximum performance in a race car. We will look at the specific ways to increase the system of the body, just like one would engineer the race car.
1:30PM – 2:30PM  Late Model Porsche Transmissions
  Stanley Richardson & Scott Lambert of GBOX
Torreys Pk I
The transmission is one of the most important and often least understood part of any vehicle. The Experts from GBOX will guide you through the most basic functions of the gearbox and unlock some of the mysteries behind this complex component. Topics included: Porsche gearbox variations, main transmission components and functions, power transmission, shifting mechanisms, common transmission problems and upgrading your gearbox. Question and answer period will follow.
1:30PM – 2:30PM   Recognizing the Porsche 356 A,B,& C
  Freda Giblin
Torreys Pk II

Even though the founders of the Porsche Club of America all owned 356s, many owners of recent  Porsches have difficulty telling apart the 356 A,B and C.  This session will provide guidelines on  spotting the major differences, by showing many photographs of Porsche 356s and using a simple  algorithm.  Once you walk out of the session, you can immediately start recognizing the various  types of 356s.

1:30PM – 2:30PM  New Porsche Museum and
  the new Film “The Porsche Way”
  Sandra Mayr, Porsche AG
2:45PM – 3:45PM  Your Porsche Was Born to Autocross 
  Terry Zaccone
Torreys Pk I

Preparation (mechanical and mental). basics; serious autocrossing; what it takes to win. My goal is to help people realize what an incredible machine they have and to understand that it is much more than merely wonderful transportation.

2:45PM – 3:45PM  911 Front Pan Replacement and Throttle Linkage Rebuild
  Ed Mayo, National Tech Committee
Torreys Pk II

Front pan: This will be a step by step presentation removing, fitting replacement pieces, welding  them in, and final refinish. 

Throttle linkage: This will cover replacing all the various bellcrank bushings, tunnel bushings and proper set up of the bellcranks to get full throttle.

2:45PM – 3:45PM  Early 911 Lubrication System Upgrades (1965‐1989)
  Allan Caldwell, Porsche Panorama Technical Editor

This seminar will review some of the important changes that were made in the original 911 engine lubrication system from 1965 – 1989 that helped solve oil leak problems, control oil temperature and maintain adequate oil pressure.  Application of current mineral and synthetic motor oils for these models will be reviewed.

4:00PM – 5:00PM  Buying a 928? Be Prepared! 
  John Veninger, National Tech Committee
Torreys Peak II

In the market for a 928? The 928 is a wonderful GT car with timeless style and capability, but even the  newest one is now 14 years old.  We will explore the features and refinements that were available  during its 17 years of production and give PPI tips (pre‐purchase inspection) to help you in purchasing a  solid car that will provide you with many years of enjoyment.

4:00 PM– 5:00PM  356 SL Race Preparation for Le Mans, 1953
  David Seeland, National Tech Committee
Torreys Pk I

Aerodynamic modifications included lowering and flattening the roof, a shortened windshield, fender  skirts and under‐body panels.  The aluminum body from Gmund was chosen for its weight and  aerodynamics over the then‐current Stuttgart steel body.  Lots of lightening holes Harry Weber said, “if we were beaten we came back and drilled more holes”.  Horsepower was increased with dual throat carbs and velocity stacks.  Other engine modifications included: dual oil pump, larger oil filter,  deep sump and a gutted muffler.  Handling was improved by alloy‐rim wheels and adjustable lever‐ action shocks.  Brake drums were drilled, lightened by milling and front and rear brakes had added  cooling scoops.  The larger fuel tank had an external filler and either dual electric or mechanical  pumps could be selected.  Driver safety was ignored.  Large lightening holes directly under the fuel tank would dump fuel from a ruptured tank directly on the drivers legs if he hadn’t been thrown out first (as happened in practice for Le Mans 1951).

4:00PM – 5:00PM  New Technologies Incorporated Into the latest Porsche Production Models – REPEAT of 11:00AM Seminar
  Paul Gagliardi, Field Technical Manager, PCNA
Topics such as: Engine innovations, body engineering and safety, some preliminary Panamera information, hybrid technology and highlights of the new GT3.

Radio Controlled Porsche Events

Recognizing that car nuts, and we are car nuts, enjoy their cars in many flavors, Radio Controlled Car Events have been part of many past Parades. After a hiatus, the Keystone Parade marks the third Parade in a row to offer an RC Cars event. Some think of it as a “kids event.” Again this year it will be open to “kids of all ages.” We will have classes for various ages, with course modifications as needed to present the correct amount of challenge.

    Eligibility: Each car eligible for awards must be a replica of a full-sized “real” Porsche. All years and models are eligible, including unique Porsche powered racecars, such as Lotus-Porsche, March GTP, Porsche Indy cars, etc. Very special Porsches, such as tractors, “Cars” movie replicas are also welcome. Due to varied participation in this event, classes may need to be changed at the time of the event to provide best competition, and fairness to all competitors. PORSCHE BODIES ONLY
    Classes: RC Kids Autocross Classes: 8 years old and younger – Toy Class
    9-12 year old- Toy Class
    13-17 year old – Same as Adult

    RC Teenage & Adult Classes:

    Toy Class
    Toy class is defined as a pre-assembled model that is NOT designed for rebuild or significant upgrade by part replacement. It is typically smaller than 1:12 scale. If there are enough entries, this class may be divided by car size/scale.

    1:12 - 1:8 scale Electric 2WD and 4WD

    All Gas Powered 2WD and 4WD (depending on the availability of an appropriate site, Gas Powered cars may not be able to participate)

    Format: The format of this event will be designed to challenge those new to RC and also the experienced. A smaller portion of the adult course or a separate course will be used for the Kids classes. Change of class will be by request and must be approved by the event master. Overall fairness will be the main criteria.
    Awards:Will be presented at the conclusion of the event.
    Timing:Hand timing will be used.
    Radios:Will be impounded during the event to prevent interference. Participants should label their radios to assist in retrieving them.
    Recharge Facilities:Participants need to bring their own rechargers. Power strips will be available.
    Loaner cars For those who do not own RC cars but would like to participate, we currently plan to have loaner cars available.
    Event Masters:Cecelia & Vince Knauf rc_autocross@parade2007.org

Kids Activities

Saddle up the Porsche with the kids and head west for the 54th Annual Porsche Parade. Keystone is a fantastic family-friendly resort with a wagonful of local activities and parade kids planned activities. Your kids are sure to enjoy every single day while you're enjoying some Porsche playtime of your own!

Keystone offers activities like mountain bike riding, miniature golfing, boating, fly fishing, rafting, scenic chair rides, wagon rides and more! Parade kids offerings include a Remote Control Car Event, Scavenger Hunt, Pool Party, Teen Dance, 5K Fun Run/Walk, Crafts and more!

Child care will also be available just for parade kids July 1 and July 4 from 6:00 to 10:30 pm so parents can enjoy the Concours and Victory banquets.

We're looking forward to having a "rootin-tootin" good time at Keystone!

Zone Challenge

This event has been taken off the Parade schedule for 2009 and will make another appearance on the 2010 Parade schedule.




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