As we get your questions – we will post them – send questions to kklennon@comcast.net.

I have heard that I might get altitude sickness, should I be worried?

Well, while this is possible if you live at sea level and come to our high altitude environment, but there are ways to avoid this:

  1. Drink plenty of WATER two weeks prior to coming to the state.
  2. When you arrive, be sure to drink more and more water. Hydration is key!
  3. While we have beautiful trails for which you should explore - please refrain from doing this for a few days until your body has acclimated.
  4. We bolded and capitalized the word WATER for a reason. You need to drink WATER. Not soda pop, not tea, not coffee, not alcohol. While you can drink all of these things, they are not the same as WATER – these drinks will dehydrate, not hydrate your body and your blood. Water hydrates your body.
  5. Be aware that if you do drink alcohol, that the effects of this are not the same as they would be at sea level Trust me when I tell you – it goes to your brain a lot faster! A LOT. Think of this as a way to save money!
  6. Did I mention that you need to drink WATER?

I am not saying this to scare you – there is nothing to be afraid of; you just need to be sensible in your actions. And if you do get Altitude sickness – it is treatable and Keystone has great medical facilities if need be.

What is the weather going to be like?

There is an old saying here in Colorado – “Wait 15 minutes and the weather will change”. And it is so true. It can be 85 degrees (29.44 C) during the day – 55 degrees (12.78 C) at night and you will have had sunshine, rain showers and more sunshine, then snow and then sunshine. And yes it happens! And yes, it does snow when the sun is out – goes against everything I learned in science class -so why am I telling you this?

Be prepared for anything. Now it is NOT likely that you will need your snow boots in June / July, but it might snow – it will most likely melt before it hits the ground but it might – bring a jacket, not a parka, but a nice light weight jacket. Temperature fluctuation alone will cause you to need one. Plan to bring an umbrella. It is more likely to rain than snow but we have already arranged for nothing but sunshine for any of the outdoor activities that we have planned for you. You will also want to bring sunscreen and bring sun glasses and even a hat– you are closer to the sun so you will burn quicker that you would at other altitudes. Be prepared.

Is there a recommended RV park?

RV Park for Parade '09
Tiger Run Resort
85 Tiger Run Road
Breckenridge CO 80424
The Tiger Run RV Park is filling up quickly for the week of Parade. We recommend that you get your reservations to them very soon.

Where can I locate a camping area that accepts Tent Camping in Keystone or the surrounding area? I inquired at the Tiger Run RV park listed on your site, but they do not allow tent camping.

Keystone does not allow any type of camping on Resort property, but Summit County Camping around Lake Dillon in Frisco, CO. is very handy and is a tent camping area. It is only about 5 miles from Keystone. Summit County Camping on Lake Dillon, Frisco, CO.

Is there a shuttle service from the airport to Keystone?

Yes, Colorado Mountain Express offers shuttle services from both DIA and Eagle County airports, and has group rates available.

Can you recommend any fine dining restaurants in the Keystone area?

There are many fine dining experiences to be had in Keystone, with names like The Ski Tip Lodge, Keystone Ranch, Alpenglow Stube. Click here to view a description of two of these offerings:

Will the 2009 Parade have a Driver's Ed event before or after Parade week?

The 2009 Parade will notbe hosting a DE immediately before or after the Colorado Parade. The Rocky Mountain Region will be hosting a DE event the weekend prior to the Parade date. RMR's will host a DE at the new High Plaines Raceway, June 20/21, check their website.

I am coming to Keystone for Parade in June, I will need my oxygen refilled during my visit. Is there a service that will provide oxygen for those of us needing it?

Yes, we have looked into your request, this is what we have found:

Alpine Air - Breckenridge, Colorado - 970-453-8423

Alpine Air would like our entrants needing this service to contact them prior to arrival with the following information:

A. A Prescription for oxygen from their Doctor
B. An Insurance or credit card
C. Entrant address in Keystone where it is to be delivered and picked up. (the last requirement can be arranged with Alpine Air, upon your arrival and getting settled in Keystone)

Can I ship tires (or other items) to Keystone for use during the Parade?

Keystone has a limited ability to receive items that Entrants wish to ship ahead of time. These items must be shipped so as to be received by Keystone during the period of Jun 24-27. Items shipped earlier will not be accepted as storage will not be available. Shipped items can be picked up on Jun 28-29, but not after that date. Return shipping can be arranged through the Keystone Conference Center, although they will not package items for you. Keystone charges a handling fee for shipped items: $3 for packages up to 70 pounds, and $.25/pound for anything heavier. This must be paid at time of pickup. All shipments must be prepaid; Keystone will not accept shipments with payment due. If you decide to ship items to the Parade, contact Jim McDonald, (719) 325-8229 / james.mcdonald.ctr@mda.mil for an authorization code and specific shipping instructions.

Is internet service available?

As always, there will be a complimentary Internet Café as part of Hospitality. Wi-Fi service for individuals is available in the Conference Center for a $9.95/day fee; see the Conference Center business office if you want to arrange this. Most lodging and hotel/condo common areas, however, have complimentary wi-fi. It is recommended that you take advantage of this and use your laptops in those locations.

What if I just show up at the Parade in Keystone to visit the site for only a day trip and have not registered?

A: Parade will offer to all PCA members the opportunity to make day trips. You will have limited access to the Parade facility, but are welcome to view the many competitive events Parade will be offering thought-out the week.

What if I do not plan to register for Parade and only plan to visit the Parade site in Keystone to view the Concours d’Elegance?

A: For the Concours, due to the narrow road to the Concours site and lack of parking, NO one (registered Parade entrant or not) will be allowed to drive their cars to the Concours site. You will be turned around if you try to do this.

Park your car near the Conference Center just off Hwy 6 and ride the special shuttle bus to and from the Concours site. If you don’t have a Parade name badge, your PCA membership card will do the trick for the shuttle bus driver. It will also work if you want to visit the Parade Goodie Store on the second floor of the Conference Center. It is not open to the public, but any PCA member is welcome.

Q: I have registered for Parade but will not be able to go through Check-In until Tuesday Morning?

A: Kathleen Lennon, Parade registrar, kklennon@comcast.net will be accommodating a few late check-ins, for a couple of hours only, on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, June 30th & July 1st. Please check the Parade website www.porscheparade2009.com “registration” for her exact times. We do ask that all Parade entrants go through Check-in on Monday, June 29th.

Service and Parts for my Porsche during Parade week

What if my car needs service while I’m at the Parade?

A: Prestige Imports in Lakewood, CO can handle ALL of your service needs? They are located at 9201 W. Colfax Avenue, Lakewood, CO 80215. Call 303-238-8101, and you will be routed to the Service Department.

What if my car needs to be towed for service?

A: Prestige Imports can arrange transportation for you. They can arrange flatbed towing, or, alternatively, we have an enclosed trailer that can pick up and/or deliver your Porsche for a minimum fee.

If my car needs service, how long will the repairs take?

A: Parade registrants will receive priority service on all repair and maintenance work.

If my Porsche is in for service, do you have loaner vehicles available?

A: We have a limited number of complimentary loaner cars available, and we also have an Enterprise Rent A Car office that provides rental cars at competitive rates.

Can Porsche parts be delivered to me in Keystone if I want to perform the repair myself?

A: Yes. We have the ability to deliver parts and accessories to Keystone on a daily basis.

What are Prestige Imports hours of operation?

A: Monday – Friday from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturdays 9:00 to 1:00 PM

Will Prestige Imports be open Saturday, July 4th if I need assistance?

A: Yes, from 9 AM to 1 PM, or longer with prior arrangement.

Who do I contact at Prestige Imports for service issues?

A: Contact the following:
Dave Stribling – Porsche Service Advisor/Shop Foreman
Mike Sorenson – Service Manager
Rich Gallegos – Parts Manager
Jared Sliter – Assistant Parts Manager
Jim Frost – Collision Center Manager
They can all be reached at 303-238-8101

Who can I contact after hours if I have a problem?

A: Mike Sorenson – Service Manager at 303-253-2178

Do you have the contact information of a Physician, if the need should arise?

A: High Altitude Mobile Physicians - Their group will be providing oxygen and any additional medical attention the entrants might need. Dr Lauri Medina commented: Approximately 30% of visitors to Summit County experience symptoms of altitude illness that can range from mild to life threatening. These symptoms can be easily prevented with early oxygen therapy. They also deliver 24/7 medical services in the comfort and convenience of a visitors hotel room.

Dr Lauri Medina at: 970-390-7305.

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