The way registration will be handled this year is VERY different from past years – so please read carefully.

Parade Registration will open on March 3rd 2009. BUT – there is a WONDERFUL difference. Registration on March 3rd, March 4th and March 5th – ALL THREE DAYS will be considered equally. This way, there are no worries about being the 1st to register. They all count equally!!


Prior to Registering

We encourage you to read through the registration form. It will help you to plan your events with your co-entrant before you register on-line. Prior planning of the activities you wish to participate in will enhance your Parade experience. Keep in mind, this may not be the final version of the Parade Registration form.


Ensure you have an account for the member only portion of You will need to login to register for Parade. Check to see that all your information is correct, especially your email! All pre-Parade materials are sent to you via email, and/or are posted to the Parade website. Before you register, at the very least, you will want to know:

  • Your meal selections
  • Volunteer selections and T shirt sizes for volunteers
  • Competitive event selection for each participant, and the class for each event
  • Ages of all children attending
  • Do you want to participate in RC cars, golf tournament, art show, gimmick rally, 5K run, etc?


Registration for the 2009 Porsche Parade Keystone, Colorado opens on Tuesday, March 3rd 2009. We will accept approximately 1,000 registrations. All registrations entered on-line or postmarked before midnight Thursday March 5th will receive equal priority. There is no need to alter your schedule to register on the first day as all registrations received on-line or postmarked Tuesday through Thursday will be treated equally.

Registration Fees

Beginning at the Keystone Parade, PCA is changing the way we charge for the Parade and its competitive events.

Entrant/Co-entrants: $165

Everyone signing up for the Parade must pay an entrant fee, which covers the entrant and co-entrant. Entrants and co-entrants must be PCA Members, but they need not be family or affiliate members. This fee pays for your admittance to all non-competitive events, registration materials, goodie bag, etc. An entrant may only enter one car, and only Porsches as defined in the PCRs may be registered. However, if a Porsche that is not legal for street use is registered, a second Porsche may be registered for use in the Rally only.

JPP/CAFP entrants: $10/each
Other family members: $10/each

JPP (Junior Participant Program) entrants are the sons or daughters of PCA members who are 16 or 17 years old. CAFP (College-Aged Family Program) entrants are the sons or daughters of PCA members who are 18-24 years old. Other family members must be immediate family only. Only the entrant, co-entrant and JPP/CAFP entrants may enter the competitive events (except children ages 13-15 may register for the Tech Quiz). If other family members are PCA Members, they must enter their own registration and pay their own registration fee to enter the competitive events. JPP and CAFP entrants are required to drive the same automobile as their parents and in the same respective men's and ladies classes as their parents.

Competitive Event Fees: $20/per car for Concours
$20/per person for Autocross
$10/per person for Tech Quiz
$10/ per car for TSD Rally

Fees for a hypothetical family of four:

Entrants Reg Fees Concours Fees Rally Fees TQ Fees AX Fees
John Smith, entrant $165 $20 $10 NP $20
Betty Smith, co-entrant Included Included Included NP NP
Laurie Smith, JPP $10 NP NP $20
Annie Jones, Adult daughter $10 NA NA NA
Total $255
                     NP=Not Participating
                     NA=Not Allowed

If you register on-line, you must pay with a VISA or MasterCard in U.S funds. If you send in your registration form via the USPS, you may pay with a check, money order, VISA or Master Card. Any returned checks or rejected credit cards will result in cancellation of your registration. Registrations post marked prior to March 3rd, 2009 will not be accepted. We highly recommend that you register on-line. All fees paid will be recorded and deposited at the time of registration. Payment of the fees does not indicate acceptance of your registration. You will be notified by email in April 2009 regarding your registration status. In the event that your registration is not accepted, you will receive a full refund. In case of Parade over-subscription, the formula in the Region Procedures Manual will be used to determine entrants.

Parade registrations are not transferable. Cancellations are eligible for a 50% refund if requested before June 15, 2009. Cancellations after that date are not eligible for a refund. You may make changes to your registration at any time before June 15th.

Banquet Tickets

Select the banquets you wish to attend when you register. You may order banquet tickets any time prior to June 15th. You may purchase a package for all the meals/food related events or you may purchase each individually. The package does not include children's (age 12 and under) meals, which must be purchased individually.

Vegetarian and special dietary needs meals will be available by special request. Prior to June 15, 2009 you will receive a full refund for canceled meal tickets; after that date no refunds will be given.

Competitive Events


Entrants, along with any other entrant or co-entrant, may participate in the Rally in any street-legal Porsche that is registered for the Parade. JPP and CAFP participants must participate with their parents.

Concours - Corral – Heritage & Historic Car Display

Only the Porsche registered for Parade by the entrant may compete in the Concours or be displayed in the Paddock/Corral.

Porsches participating in the Paddock/Corral will be placed on the field on Monday, June 29th, the afternoon before the Tuesday Concours. Pre-staging will take place in the Lower Tenderfoot Lot at 4:00 p.m. Monday. Cars will move out to the Concours site at 5:30 p.m. No one will be allowed to stage in the Paddock/Corral on Tuesday. Logistics will not allow all cars to move up the hill on Tuesday morning. There will be constant shuttle bus service back down the hill in time for the Welcome Party, and back up to the site on Tuesday.

The Heritage & Historic Cars: These cars will move up the hill to the Concours site on Tuesday morning at 5:30 a.m. Heritage and Historic cars must be unloaded from their trailers at the site, and the tow rigs will be driven back down the hill to park until 3:00 p.m. here is no room to park them at the site.

Judged Concours entrant Porsches will be placed on the field Tuesday morning, the day of the concours. Pre-staging is at 5:30 a.m. in the LowerTenderfoot Lot.

All Paddock/Corral and Concours cars will be required to drive the 3.7 miles from the Lower Tenderfoot Lot staging area to the display area. Cars in these two categories may not be trailered or towed to the display area. There will be no exceptions.


All Porsches entered in the autocross must pass the Parade safety inspection. Check the Parade schedule for time and place of Parade Technical Inspection. Due to the size of the venue, we may have to limit Autocross participation. Entrants registering March 3rd – 5th will receive priority for the AX. Please be aware that this is a “Mountain lot style” course. But do not let that fool you, it is a challenging one-minute course.

Entrants, co-entrant, JPP and CAFP entrants must drive the Porsche they registered for the Parade.

Tech Quiz

Any registered PCA Member, JPP or CAFP entrant may compete in the Tech Quiz. New this Year: children aged 13-15 who are registered entrants may also compete in the Tech Quiz.

Rules pertaining to the Parade, and registering for the Parade, are outlined in the Parade Competition Rules (PCRs). The PCRs can be found on the PCA website under the member services and library section.

First Time Parade Goers

This may all seem a little overwhelming for you – that is not our intention! I will help make your experience at Parade enjoyable. If you have questions about registration for the 54th Porsche Parade, please contact me at or (719) 487-2842 (please leave a detailed msg.). For a great presentation that may answer your questions, click on Tips for Having a Great Parade (PDF).

Thank you!

Kathleen Lennon
2009 Porsche Parade, Keystone CO

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